Friday, November 19, 2010

Fall Optometry Seminar

On November 16th, EMG hosted a Fall Optometry Seminar, where we invited optometrists from all over the state to come hear presentations by our doctors. The course was approved by the Maine Board of Optometry for 2 credit hours in Diagnostic and Treatment.  We had about 60 optometrists in attendance at the seminar.

Dr. Ravi Shah spoke about corneal surgical techniques, such as endothelial keratoplasty and amniotic membrane transplantation. He showed a video of how a DSAEK procedure is done, and explained the rational for using DSAEK as a means of corneal transplantation for patients with Fuchs dystrophy over the traditional penetrating keratoplasty surgery.
Dr. Shah also presented the results of a study he did at the Cleveland Clinic, "Transitioning to Optimized Correction with the Wavelight ALLEGRETTO WAVE".
Dr. Bruce Cassidy spoke about the new Ziemer CrystalLine LDV Femtosecond Laser that EMG recently purchased.  He showed a video of how the flap is made with the Ziemer femtosecond laser and how easily a flap created with this laser lifts.  Dr. Cassidy also discussed why Eyecare Medical Group decided to switch from the traditional method of performing LASIK surgery, with a microkeratome, to this new bladeless technology.

Dr. Steidl's presentation was on the new PASCAL Laser Photocoagulation technology used in our retinal practice. He explained the rational for a short duration retinal laser, and the results of the pattern laser treatment that the PASCAL laser provides.  He also pointed out that the PASCAL laser is better from a patient perspective, as patients seem to experience less pain than with the traditional laser photocoagulation.

Finally, Dr. Sterrer spoke about Dysfunctional Tear Syndrome, or dry eyes, and about the dry eye clinic here at EMG.  Dr. Sterrer discussed the prevalence of DTS, with about 25-40 million Americans suffering from the syndrome, and how debilitating it can.  Treatments for DTS were presented, including autologous serum eye drops, a cutting edge treatment that EMG has started using.