Maine Optometry Seminar Eyecare Medical Group Portland

Thursday, May 5, 2011

EMG Optometry Seminar, Part 1

Each year, EMG hosts 2-3 seminars on various topics in optometry and ophthalmology in order to assist the optometrists in the state of Maine in getting their continuing education credits.

This year, the Spring Optometry Seminar was held on April 25 at Eyecare Medical Group with about 60 optometrists in attendance, as well as about 25 EMG employees including technicians, physicians, and administrative staff.

Dr. Jackie Nguyen, one of the vitreoretinal specialists here at EMG, spoke about the management of retinal emergencies. She discussed various different retinal issues, including posterior vitreous and retinal detachment and vitreous and retinal hemorrhages. She presented time frames on how soon different retinal issues should be treated and the course of treatment she would use depending on the type of emergency. Also discussed were the different types of retinal detachments- rhegmatogenous, exudative, and tractional- as well as the differences between retinal venous and arterial occlusions, and the different methods of treatment for each. Dr. Nguyen talked about the way that anti VEGF medications have revolutionized the way patients with AMD are treated.