Cataract Surgery Recovery-How Long Is It?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Recovery from Cataract Surgery at Eyecare Medical Group

For patients having surgery of any type having and understanding of what to expect during the recovery period is an important piece of information. At Eyecare Medical Group we are fortunate to be able to provide our patients with a comfortable and “patient friendly” recovery from cataract surgery. Here is what you need to know:

First, if you are in generally good health it is most likely that your cataract operation will be performed in our ambulatory surgical center at Eyecare Medical Group. We have designed this eye surgery facility to be comfortable, close to home and efficient. Your entire cataract surgery procedure should take only 2-3 hours from the time you check in until the time you check out.

Second, with Drs. Cassidy, Holt, Daly, Solish and Sterrer advanced cataract surgery is most often performed with “topical eye drop anesthesia”-that is, for most patients the only anesthesia required are some eye drops along with a tablet to help you relax. Thus, there is really minimal if any “recovery” from the anesthesia used. You are usually feeling “back to normal” by the end of the day of your surgery or certainly by the next morning.

Third, with the advanced cataract surgery technique of “small incision phacoemulsification” that the Eyecare Medical Group Cataract Surgeons perform there is only a need to create a tiny incision-often just a few millimeters-through which the cataract is removed and the intraocular lens is implanted. This tiny incision is so small so as not to require any “stitches” or sutures in many cases. Thus the wound healing is very quick. Finally, depending on the type of lens implant that is used it is highly likely that your distance vision will be dramatically improved within 24 hours. In fact many patients actually are comfortable driving the next day after their cataract operation. If you have a multifocal or accommodating lens implant to correct both your distance and near vision it might take a bit longer to appreciate the full clarity of the near vision correction. So, it is pretty likely that you will be back to work in a few days and depending on your cataract surgeon’s instructions you should be able to resume all of your normal activities with a couple of days.

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