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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Insurance Counseling at EMG

Meet Chelsea Cormier from the billing department here at EMG. Chelsea’s job is a little different from the ordinary billing position because she works face to face with patients all day, counseling them on the billing process and letting them know what their cost shares are going to be after surgery.

Chelsea’s desk is located in the lobby at EMG and she generally has a line of patients and technicians waiting at it. She speaks with every patient who is brought to her desk about our billing process, gives them written outline of what she has discussed with them, as well as her business card with all of her contact information, and then she calls their insurance companies to verify their benefits. After she has figured out if the patient will have a balance, and what that balance is, she calls them to notify them so there are no surprises to the patient after their surgery.

Chelsea also obtains authorizations from insurance companies for all patients who are having surgeries. She answers questions about billing and coverage, and often goes into exam rooms to speak with patients who are having procedures for the first time, or simply do not understand why they may get a bill for their service.

If you have any questions about your bill or concerns about the cost of an upcoming procedure, you can stop by and see Chelsea at your next visit, or call 1-888-374-2020 to speak with Chelsea or another billing representative.