Ophthalmologist Dr. Jennifer Mok Visits

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ophthalmologist Dr. Jennifer Mok Visits

Eyecare Medical Group recently welcomed a visit from Dr. Jennifer Mok, an ophthalmologist visiting from Hong Kong. Dr. Mok was with a team of 5 other physicians from Hong Kong and Mongolia who were here as part of a Rotary International exchange team. The Rotary Club of Portland hosted the exchange team here in Maine; they also visited various other locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Dr. Mok expressed an interest to see how an ophthalmology practice in the U.S. was run, and she was referred here to EMG. She was able to spend a day here and meet with all of our physicians and some of our staff. She had a tour of our facility and was able to see several surgeries, including a cataract surgery and an oculoplastics surgery.

Dr. Mok was able to share some of her experiences as a practicing physician in Hong Kong. She was also able to offer information on the differences in the healthcare system here in the United States versus the healthcare system on Hong Kong, as well as some of the differences in how healthcare is administered.

Thank you for visitng us, Dr. Mok!