Maine Surgery Center at EMG in Portland

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ambulatory Surgical Center

The Ambulatory Surgical Center here at Eyecare Medical Group operates four days a week. Our Our AAAHC approved outpatient surgery center has two operating rooms and is fully staffed to do surgery Monday - Thursday. Our ASC generally starts surgery around 7:30 am and often goes all day. There is a separate entrance to our surgery center so patients do not have to exit through our busy lobby. Each day is carefully scheduled so that all of our 8 surgeons have surgery time each week, leaving room for emergency surgeries when necessary. We have the ability to perform cataract surgeries, corneal transplants, trabeculectomies, and repair retinal detachments, among other things, every day here at EMG.

In addition to the doctors and technicians who use the OR to operate, our ASC is staffed by about 10 nurses and support staff that work in the surgery center full time. We also have a full time anesthesiologist that works with us in the ASC.