Thursday, September 1, 2011

International Prize for EMG Photographer

Darrin Landry, EMG’s photographer, won 2nd place in this years European Vision Research Institute’s 3rd Annual Picture Competition. Darrin had previously won 4th place last year. “The Best Photo in Vision Research” competition ran from May 10th-June 30th, 2011. The contest, which was comprised of an international review board with members from the private and public sector, received high quality contributions from all over the world.

The photo Darrin submitted was of a patient who has pigmentary dispersion syndrome. The photo displays some pigment cells in the iris that have come off and the result is a thinning of the peripheral iris. “Using a slit lamp digital system, I was able to shine the light directly into the pupil, and the reflection from the retina (which is the same reflection seen in “red-eye” pictures) shines through the thinning area, giving it a red ring appearance” says Darrin Landry, CRA, OCT-C.

Congratulations, Darrin! Keep up the excellent work!!!