Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Meet Sonja Laiho!

Sonja has been in ophthalmology for 21 years. She currently works for Dr. Bruce Cassidy and has been with EMG for about a year and a half. She previously worked for EMG in 2003-2004 before moving to California.

Sonja started in ophthalmology 21 years ago as a certified scrub tech. During the past 21 years, all but 5 were spent in ophthalmology. She took a 5 year break and worked for Youth Alternatives at a group home for at risk and homeless youth. She’s currently a COA, or certified ophthalmic assistant. Sonja has worked for several physicians in her tenure in ophthalmology, and has worked in Maine, Vermont, and California as an ophthalmic assistant. She worked for Dr. Jack Singer in Randolph, Vermont, who was one of the doctors that was part of the FDA clinical trials for the Crystalens. Sonja even got to meet Dr. Stuart Cumming, the inventor of the Crystalens, when she worked for Dr. Singer.

Sonja has been very active with Project Guatemala, a medical mission to give the gift of sight to the Indigenous and Mayan people of Guatemala. Sonja has participated in the mission all but 2 years since she started going to Guatemala in 1998.

We’re happy to have Sonja and all of her ophthalmic experience back at EMG!