Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meet Dan Kelly!

Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly is our “IT guy” here at EMG . His name is probably heard the most over our paging system, and he can usually be at your desk pretty quickly to fix any computer problems you may have, whether it’s a frozen screen or a printing issue. He’s even available to help if you aren’t very proficient in Microsoft Word. Dan is in charge of the phone system at our office and at our billing office. He recently finished an upgrade to all of our credit card machines and has been helping work on getting new PC’s out around the building.

Before coming to EMG in 2008, Dan worked as a freelance IT consultant for several years. He also served our country for 4 years in the Marines. While in the Marines, Dan traveled all over the US, including North Carolina and California, as well as in Iraq and Kuwait.

Dan is currently working on the upgrade of our practice management software. He will be instrumental in the transition from paper charts to electronic medical records.

Dan says that his favorite part about working in the IT department at EMG is helping people get better with computers.

Thanks for serving our country, Dan, and thank you for always being available to fix any and all of our computer problems!!