Autofluorescence Imaging in Maine

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Autofluorescence Imaging in Maine

Autofluorescence Imaging in Maine is a test we at Eyecare Medical Group to evaluate diseases and problems of the Retina. Darrin Landry, the photographer here at Eyecare Medical Group in Portland, ME, wrote this article to help us better understand autofluorescence imaging.

A Retina Specialist has a large arsenal of imaging technology to better evaluate retinal disease, and one of the newer technologies used to monitor the dry type of macular degeneration is autofluorescence imaging.

Dry macular degeneration is typically a progressive degenerative process that affects the central part of the retina, called the macula, which is where fine vision, such as reading, takes place. Currently only the wet form of macular degeneration can be treated, but the progression of atrophy in dry macular degeneration can be followed with autofluorescence imaging.
The retina is imaged utilizing a scanning laser with certain wavelength filters. In a normal eye, a substance called lipofuscin, which exists in cells in a layer of the retina, emits a fluorescent light when exposed to this specific wavelength of light.  In cases of atrophic retinal disease, such as dry macular degeneration, the damaged cells block the emittance of this fluorescent light. The result is a dark area in the macula. This damaged area can be followed, and using computer software, can be quantitatively measured for change.

Autofluorescence imaging is very useful for diagnosis in patients with vision loss, and we are starting to understand that certain inherited disorders have distinctive patterns of change. The ability to monitor and track changes at this cellular level gives us valuable information in the prognosis of some of these retinal diseases.
Normal Image

Damaged cells in the center of the macula

Damaged cells in the center of the macula
Change in damaged cells from first visit (on left) to second visit (on right)
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