Monday, November 18, 2013

Maine Contact Lens Specialist on Self Esteem & Teens

“Contact lenses can be beneficial in helping teenagers with the difficult times for their self esteem and self image,” shared Contact Lens Specialist Dr. Ruth Stevens of Eyecare Medical Group in Portland, Maine. “Teens really get challenged during adolescence by the “Trifecta of Awkwardness-braces, acnes and glasses!” commented Dr. Stevens. 

Not being able to play sports or worrying about how they look can leave many teens feeling anxious, stressed out and unhappy. “We love fitting patients in this age group with contact lenses because we see that the teens who wear contact lenses benefit beyond simply correcting their vision. They typically improve in how they feel about their physical appearance, their acceptance among friends and of course their ability to play sports,” further explained Dr. Stevens. 

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