Monday, February 3, 2014


Samuel Solish, M.D.
Eyecare MedicalGroup has launched a new web site with important patient information to help patients learn about eye diseases and surgery and in particular includes information about advances in technology, treatment and procedures that are especially helpful for senior eye problems. “With our growing senior population in Maine we want to be sure that patients have current information about age related eye problems such as cataracts, agerelated macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma,” stated Glaucoma Specialistand Cataract Surgeon Samuel Solish, M.D.

Bruce Cassidy, M.D.
 “The Eyecare Medical Group eye surgeons all felt strongly that we needed to use our web site to share information with patients who are at risk of suffering vision loss from cataracts. By understanding more about cataract surgery and lens implants, we are hopeful that patients will not allow vision loss from a cataract to interfere with their daily activities, driving, mobility and overall quality of life,” commented Bruce Cassidy, M.D., a Cataract &Refractive Surgeon. “Further, it’s important that patients with cataracts have access to the latest information on lens implants we can use to correct both astigmatism and near vision focusing problems,” Dr. Cassidy further explained.
Scott Steidl, M.D.
“When it comes to helping patients avoid vision loss-especially seniors and those suffering from diabetes-being able to use our web site to learn about age related macular degeneration (AMD) and its risks, symptoms and treatment with the newer injectable drugs like Lucentis® and Eylea®, as well as the need for diabetics to have regular eye care and dilated retina exams are topics we highlighted as they are pretty critical,” noted Retina Specialist and Vitreoretinal Surgeon Scott Steidl, M.D.

“We know that a considerable number of patients use the web to learn about LASIK surgery. What we also know is that it is important for them have
Ravi Shah, M.D.
information about the corneal diseases, conditions and problems that might preclude them from being good LASIK candidates-so we do this on our new web site,” explained Ravi Shah, M.D., a Corneal Specialist andLASIK Surgeon. “While not overly frequent in occurrence, Fuchs’ Dystrophy and Keratoconus are both corneal dystrophies that can have significant impact on patients’ ability to function day to day-and conditions for which we now have treatment options including new types of cornea transplants for both and the promise of corneal cross linking procedures for Keratoconus,” further explained Dr. Shah. “We encourage these patients to learn more by visiting our web site.”

To learn more about Eyecare Medical Group in Portland Maine you may visit the new web site at www.eyecaremed.com.