LASIK Day with Dr. Sterrer

Monday, May 11, 2015

LASIK Day with Dr. Sterrer

A typical LASIK day with Dr. Sterrer begins with a technician going over post op instructions with the patient before they are taken into the laser room. Once the post op instructions have been completed and the patient is comfortable and ready to go, the technician will bring the patient to the laser room. We try to make sure every patient is as comfortably situated as possible on the laser bed. Once we have ensured they are comfortable and positioned for treatment, they are covered with a warm blanket and the process of getting them ready for surgery begins.  The eye that is not being worked on first will be patched so that Dr. Sterrer focuses only on the eye that he is performing surgery on.

 Numbing drops are administered and the femtosecond laser, the laser that creates the flap for an all laser, bladeless LASIK procedure, is applied to the eye. This process takes about 20 seconds. Once this is done, Dr. Sterrer will fold the newly made flap back, and prepare the eye for the excimer laser, or the laser that changes the shape of one’s cornea to improve their vision.  The amount of time the excimer laser takes depends upon your prescription, so it can take anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds. Once the excimer laser does it’s work, Dr. Sterrer will lay the flap back down and then move to the other eye. The entire treatment process takes about 15 to 30 minutes from start to finish for both eyes!

 Once the treatment is done, Dr. Sterrer will take the patient into an exam room to check their vision. After that, we send our LASIK patients home to take a nap. We see all of our LASIK patients for a one day post op to ensure that everything looks good. Patients will have three different sets of drops to use post operatively, usually for about a week. Except for minor restrictions, patients are usually able to resume normal daily activities in about a day.

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