Sunday, April 9, 2017

EMG LASIK Experience for Julie B

Julia B shared her LASIK experience at Eyecare Medical Group

“I’ve worn either glasses or contact lenses to correct my vision for reading and distance for more than 30 years. Anyone who wears corrective lenses knows what a hassle it can be — albeit certainly better than stumbling through life with blurry vision. If you’re active, you can double the hassle factor. Bicycling in the rain with glasses means stopping constantly to wipe off the lenses. Mushing dogs means stopping to clear frosted glasses. And how much fun is it to come in from the cold to a warm room and instantly fog up? Contacts are great, but they need to be changed, cleaned and every so often will fly off an eyeball or — better yet — slide up and seemingly behind one’s eye and need to be gently tugged back out and repositioned. Travels? Some years back I did some climbing in the Andes, and that required a pair of prescription dark glacier goggles. More recent trips have meant juggling and keeping track of an impressive array of glasses for seeing distance, glasses for reading — one pair with contacts in, another with contacts out — and sunglasses. This spring, at the suggestion of my friend, I began to seriously consider correcting my ever-failing vision with LASIK surgery. I’ll be the first to admit the idea of someone firing a laser in my eyes was concerning, but after talking to numerous people who have had it done, I talked to my own eye doctor about it. According to my optometrist, I was the perfect candidate, and he referred me to Eyecare Medical Group in Portland. I was under the care of Dr. Adam Sise and his team. On the first visit he explained the process and, ideally, I’d have 20-20 or better vision. All told, each eye would take less than 40 seconds of laser start to finish. Once the actual procedure was complete, the team helped me up and out of the room and into the hallway, where for the first time in more than three decades I could see clearly. It was sort of like looking through a fog bank, but sure enough I could read the clock over the nurses’ station, posters along the walls and even the titles of books lining a shelf. I was so happy, I was hugging everyone in sight. LASIK is everything I had been told it would be — perfect vision, no glasses and immediate results. The only downside, wondering how long my friends will put up with me pointing out all the new things I can see.”

If you or some you know is tired of the hassle of glasses or contact lenses for seeing at distance and would like to find out if LASIK might be a good vision correction option, please call Eyecare Medical Group, 53 Sewall Street, Portland, Maine 04102 at 888-374-2020, visit Eyecare Medical Group, Google+ or to schedule a Free LASIK Consultation.